August 1999Company formation
September 1999Product launch of SDTV Picture quality analyzer, VP2000S
November 1999Product launch of HDTV Picture quality analyzer, VP2000H
October 2000Emmy Award winner by the US National Academy
November 2000Product launch of remote video quality monitoring, VP2000A
April 2001SProduct launch of SDTV Picture quality analyzer, VP21S
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. Technical Award
May 2001Technology Award by Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society
June 2001Technology Award by The Institute of Image Electronics Engineering
February 2002Participated in the Salt Lake Olympic Game Project
November 2002Video & Audio quality monitoring, equipment, Quality Matrix2000 launched and introduced to digital terrestrial broadcast systems
September 2003Established US K-WILL Corporation in Los Angelesration 設立(Los Angeles)
November 2003TS monitoring equipment TSI2000 launched in US
October 2005Product launch of HDTV Picture quality analyzer, VP21H
June 2006Flash detection introduced to Quality Matrix, QuMax Flash
May 2007Lip Sync measurement type QuMax2000 launched and introduced to major US CATV companies
September 2007Company name changed from KDDI Media Will Co., Ltd. to K-WILL Corporation
April 2008Portable type of Video & Audio monitoring equipment, VP3000
June 2009Remote Video & Audio quality monitoring, QuMax Remote launched
April 2010SCTE35 / 104 automatic monitoring, VP3000S launched
February 20128ch STB monitoring system, NP2000 launched and introduced to a major CATV company
March 2012Full Reference pixel comparison board, Probe300D launched Introduced to NHK
No Reference QC board, Probe300S launched Introduced to NHK
February 2013Probe300D / Probe300S introduced to BS Japan
March 2013Probe300D / Probe300S introduced to SKY Perfect JSAT
January 2014Product launched of Video & Audio QC software, ProQ2000
March 2014Probe300D / Probe300S introduced to Iwate Asahi Television
July 2014ProQ2000 introduced to Korea IHB Asian Games
November 2014Started OEM of File/SDI hybrid QC based on ProQ2000 for Leader Electronics Corporation
March 2015Developed a smartphone image evaluation system based on ProQ2000 for the KDDI Group
June 2015Probe300D/Probe300S additionally adopted by NHK
July 2015Probe300D/Probe300S introduced to TV Tokyo
November 2015Probe300D/Probe300S introduced to NTV
Product launched of 4K Picture Quality Analyzer, VP4000
March 2016Conducted joint development of 4K image evaluation equipment with Nippon Television Added HEVC, HDR, BT2020 measurement and exhibited at Digitech 2016
December 2016VP4000 introduced to NTV, NHK and NEC
February 2017VP4000 introduced to KT in Korea
October 2017Started shipping VP4000 to China
November 20178K Picture Quality Analyzer combining four VP4000 units introduced to NHK and NTT
January 2018ProQ4000M introduced to KT in Korea and used at the 23rd Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games
March 2019Picture quality monitoring equipment introduced to Video Research Ltd.
September 2020A large-scale video quality evaluation test conducted and reported to NTT Plala.
March 2021Introduced ProQ4000, a video/audio inspection software product, to NHK Engineering Administration Department.
December 2021 Picture quality improvement by evaluating the video quality of the 8K frame rate converter for the Beijing Winter Olympics at the NHK Engineering Administration Department.
November 2022New product announcement at InterBEE2022, the video file comparison type picture quality analysis software "VP10000".
December 20228 QC products based on VP10000 adopted by NEC for NHK's new BS4K broadcast system.
March 2023Started shipping the new product VP10000 to NHK and Softbank.