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SCTE 104/35 Measurements

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Video Quality Measurement and Video Quality Evauation Technology

SCTE 104/35 Measurements

Recently there has been a lot of concern over “automated ad insertion” in digital television signals. SCTE created the standard SCTE35/104 that defines how to trigger the ad insertion automatically. Ideally these SCTE35/104 messages should have their insertion pointers pointing to a period of black frames to trigger the automated content insertion correctly and give a natural appearance to the content viewer. K-WILL VP3000S will detect the SCTE35/104 messages and measure the period of black frames near the insertion pointer. It will measure where the insertion pointer lies within the black frames or how far away it is from the nearest black frame if it is pointing to a non-black frame. If no black frames are nearby, it will measure how far the insertion pointer is away from a scene change. K-WIll SCTE104/35 Measurements are covered by Japanese and U.S. patents, issued and pending.

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