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Video Quality Monitoring
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Technology / HDTV

High Definition Products Available

K-WILL has both measurement and monitoring products available for High Definition.

HDTV Measurement:

The VP21 products are for picture quality analysis and measurement. This product line uses the ITU DSCQS scale to give objective results for picture quality. Our technology is recommended in ITU J.144 and we are within .9 correlation to human study results.

Note: All models will also measure picture quality of Standard Definition SDI

HDTV Monitoring

K-WILL monitors HDTV signals with our QuMax-2000. This product can take up to 12 inputs and will monitor in single and double stimulus modes. For single stimulus, just plug in an HD-SDI signal and the QuMax will check for blackouts, freeze frames and audio mutes. This is much more efficient and accurate than staring at a wall of monitors.

You can also perform double stimulus analysis by using a reference video and then comparing it to multiple copies, for example as it goes through the broadcast chain. This allows for detection of lip sync errors and finding the source of this annoying problem.

Note: The QuMax can also take SDI and analog inputs as well as perform “cross format” analysis.


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