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Technology / K-Will Expertise

Digital Video Image Evaluation Expertise

K-WILL Corporation is a global leader in advanced digital video image evaluation and monitoring. Our innovative products serve the entire video industry from content producers and providers, video & audio equipment manufacturers, to broadcasting operators. K-WILL expertise is covered by 39 patents in Japan and U.S.(22 patents are issued and 17 patents are pendig).

K-WILL's Uniqueness and Strengths

1. Fusion of Human Strengths and the Most Advanced Technology

Among the five senses, the "eyes" account for nearly 90% of all information that a person obtains in daily life.

At K-WILL, we explore the characteristics of the human eye-i.e., the power to perceive images objectively and its pursuit of impeccable image quality.

K-WILL Corporation provides high-quality digital video control and image quality evaluation products for the Broadcast, Cable Satellite, TELCO and manufacturing industries using our patented Video DNA Technology.

Video DNA Technology is employed in all of our product offerings. Video DNA allows essential image quality information to be seamlessly extracted and is used to perform quantitative video image quality evaluation that has previously been done by the human eye.

Video DNA can be adapted for use with any product, from professional to consumer, in real time. Digital video image evaluation content can be either networked or local and employed via all types of media.

2. Globalism and Localism

With the wave of digital content distribution through broadcasting and broadband, image quality measurement, monitoring, and maintenance has become the most critical factor in our customers efforts to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Based on our patented technology, K-WILL products offer the optimal solutions for our customers around the world to achieve the highest digital video image quality and audio quality.

Based in Tokyo and Los Angeles, K-WILL is committed to provide the highest level of image quality measurement technical services in each of our local markets, working hand in hand with our customers.

3. Creativity and Passion

K-WILL's strength is its power and commitment to relentless efforts in digital video image evaluation and monitoring technology research and product development.

Every member of the K-WILL Team strives to achieve continuous technological breakthroughs for the digital era.

We are all about creativity. We are all about passion.


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