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Products / NP-2000

Video Quality Monitoring & Audio Quality Monitoring Products

8-Channel Video and Audio Quality Monitoring System


The true quality of digital television is monitored through the viewers' eyes. This is a low-cost, space-saving, ultimate edition of a multi-channel quality monitoring system for CATV and IPTV, which can monitor 8 HDTV/SDTV channels in real time.


Connect up to 8 digital TV STB to NP2000 using only AV cables and unacceptable quality (such as block errors, audio jumping, freezing, muting, blackouts) are detected by No Reference(NR) technology (quality evaluation is carried out only from the evaluation signal only, not using a reference signal). By using NP2000, it will be possible to manage the quality of experience (QoE) of the viewers for all service channels in real time, which leads to increased customer satisfaction, prevention of significant failures, and operational efficiency.

  • Block error detection by newly developed NR technology
  • Split screen output of 8 channels
  • Error information notification by SNMP Trap. (max 3 IP addresses)
  • Efficient operation by an application software for monitoring and control
  • Sensitivity can be set independently for each error detection by channel by channel
  • Immediate image pickup feature for error channel
  • Deployment in major MSOs in Japan



 Input Signal

 Video Signal

 Composite - NTSC or PAL signal (analog VBS) x 8
 RCA Connector

 Audio signal

 Analog (unbalanced), Stereo (LR) x 8 channels

 Output Signal

 Video monitor signal

 DVI-D signal x 1 channel
 DVI Connector
 · Split-screen video
 · Audio level meter
 · OSD output for channel input name
    and alarm name



 10 / 100Base-T
 RJ-45 Connector
 · Parameter setting for error detection,
    Start/Stop controls
 · Alarm notification

 Error Detection


 · Input Disconnection / Input Sync Error
 · Freeze
 · Blackout
 · Block error


 · Mute
 · Audio jumping/popping noise

 Power Source

 AC 100V/110V

 Power consumption


 External dimensions

 424 (W) x 43.6 (H) x 350 (D) mm
 (Not including protrusions)


 4.2 kg (Including rack-mount brackets)


System Control and Logging Functions

  • System Control Functions (control program)
    Perform setup and monitoring of the NP2000 console   ·Definition of the monitoring channels
      ·Setting the error parameters
      ·Setting the alarms
      ·Starting and Stopping of surveillance
      ·Hardware failure detection of the NP2000 console

  • Alarm Log Management (incoming service alarm)
    Receives and manages alarms from NP2000.

  • Log Reference Function (web application)
    The ability to browse the alarm log over the Web.
    View the daily logs of specific channels.
    Pages on the browser automatically update with the most recent alarms.

  • Schedule Setting Function (web application)
    Via the web interface, setup of the schedule for monitoring.
    Suppresses unnecessary alarms during off-air and maintenance times.

  • Time Synchronization Function The NP2000 hardware and software can synchronize the clock time to a NTP server.

    Supported OS:Windows Server 2008 R2

Terminal Function Error Pickup

  • Problem Channel Tuning (auto switching service)
    Upon receiving an alarm from the NP2000, the USB connected infrared remote control will automatically tune a STB to the problem channel for operator confirmation.

  • Alarm Log Management (incoming service alarm)
    Receives and manages alarms from NP2000. (management redundant)

    Supported OS: Windows7 Home Premium or Professional

System control screen (example)

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